PechaKucha Miami

Leadership Team 

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The IDEA Center at Miami Dade College

Meet the Team

Curating and producing PechaKucha events takes a lot of team work.

Meet the dedicated volunteers who make the magic happen.

Rosemary Ravinal

Director, PechaKucha Miami

  • Premiere Bilingual Speaking Coach
  • TEDx Speaker and Pechakucha Presenter
  • Former PR Executive

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“The unique PechaKucha format makes it possible to ‘sing an unforgettable song’ with 20 images as your backup singers.  It turns presentations into an art form”

Gregory Gilmore

PechaKucha Miami Team

  • Transformational Coach
  • MBA, RTT Practitioner
  • Author

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“PechaKucha offers speakers and audiences a venue where comfort zones are shattered, inspiration is ignited, and growth is nurtured through the power of shared knowledge and life experiences”

Achim Nowak

PechaKucha Miami Team

  • Executive Coach
  • 4x Author
  • Host of the MY FOURTH ACT Podcast

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“PechaKucha Nights are a sensual feast. Vibrant visuals. Riveting storytelling. A panoply of voices. It’s an honor to be part of the Miami curatorial team”

Hugo Sanchez

PechaKucha Miami Team

  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Founder of MoonDesk Media

“Inspired. Energized. Motivated. This is how I feel after a PechaKucha night. It is a pleasure to make these events happen in the Miami community”

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Never miss a PechaKucha Night again!

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